Support Options

Spiisee is committed to providing a superior customer experience. The first tier of our commitment is limited technical support to all paid applications running on the Everest platform. Technical support is limited to the scope, hours, contacts, and channels below.

Included with:

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About Support Services

24×7 Help Center Access: Access to the Spiisee Software Help Desk for support request submissions and case status updates are available from the Everest account support ticketing system).

24×7 Knowledge Base Access: Access to the Spiisee Software Knowledge Base to review articles, guides, and videos.

Web Case Submission: Create support cases, through the Everest account support ticketing system. Requests are routed to support specialists for response within targeted times.

* Premium Phone Case Submission: Direct phone access to dedicated Support Agents for new case submissions to help make them aware of issues. Please contact Spiisee Software to find out about our Premium Support options.

** Premium Live Chat Support: Open an online chat for real-time discussions with Spiisee Support Agents. During the session, support Agents will provide best efforts to answer questions, resolve issues, provide resources, and create cases. 

*** Premium Screen Share Support: Case resolution by direct access with Spiisee Support Agents to resolve issues provide solutions during the session. Please contact us to find out about our Premium Support options.

⁺ Premium Priority Case Routing & Monitoring: Expedited handling and priority routing of submitted cases.

ⁱ Premium Assigned Support Agents: Assigned Spiisee Support Agent for expedited case to ensure continuity of service, proactive monitoring, and resolution of issues.

Authorized Support Contacts: Assigned, trained contacts in your company who are authorized to submit cases and work directly with our Agents toward resolution.

Coverage Hours: Spiisee Support offers 24×5 coverage. Hours are 9am – 5pm Eastern Time, Monday – Friday, excluding Holidays. Support inquiries may be submitted at any time via ticketing form the Everest accounts. 24×7 support is available via our Premium Support package.

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Priority Level Descriptions

P1: Production outage – production system, application, or critical feature/function is down affecting all users.

P2: Production impaired – a major feature or function is persistently not working correctly and is blocking full use of Everest Suite for many users, but order writing and other features/functions are operational.

P3: Minor issue – a secondary issue is impacting the usability of the system for some users, but a workaround is available and major features/functions are working correctly.

Support Covers:

  1. ​Incident Support – Identifying and troubleshooting problems in the system

  2. Root cause analysis

  3. Assistance with issues during installation

  4. Assistance with issues during upgrades

  5. Identifying and creating needed bug reports

  6. Product Training for authorized Sport Contacts

  7. Guidance around implementation and configuration

  8. Integration support with other Spiisee products

Not Covered

Spiisee’s technical support services do not extend to the following areas:

  1. General debugging of user applicationsRewriting application code for compatibility with Everest Suite

  2. Modifying and/or patching third party or Open Source software packages for compatibility with Everest

  3. Customers without a valid maintenance agreement

  4. End of Life, Beta, Release Candidate or Development releases

  5. Customized versions of Spiisee products (customized = original product code has been modified)

  6. Third-party application integrations or third-party plugins

  7. Support for end-users 

  8. Support in languages other than English 

  9. Professional Services

    1. System & Performance tuning

    2. Deployment & Capacity Planning

    3. Installation & Upgrade Services

Technical support is limited to the scope, hours, contacts, and channels below.

  1. Scope

Spiisee’s Support Agents are available only for the technologies supported for the Everest Platform, and is limited to the following:

    1. Installation and Configuration Issues

    2. Installation of application dependencies

    3. Best practices for configuration of supported application dependencies

    4. General questions about supported software packages

    5. Troubleshooting

    6. Identifying problems preventing an application from starting or running on Everest Suite

    7. Providing workarounds or resolutions for known problems

    8. Answering general how-to questions, and providing pointers to documentation

    9. Troubleshooting supported software packages showing erratic or faulty behavior on Everest Suite, independent of the user’s application code

Who can contact support?

Billing and account management support are available to all customers. Limited technical support is available for Everest Suite customers utilizing Spiisee’s Premium Support and/or paid Everest Suite Add-Ons. Support requests will only be processed if:

  1. The request is made through one of our official support channels (see below)
  2. The request originates from a registered Everest account ticket 
  3. The requester has authorized support access to any specific Everest account pertaining to the request

Support Channels

Technical support is available exclusively through the Spiisee Support ticketing feature in each Everest Suite account.

Web Account:

Registered Everest users can submit new tickets and view history on previously opened tickets.


If you are unable to log in or access your account, you may submit a ticket by sending an e-mail from your Heroku account email address to

Unofficial Channels

Spiisee support staff will only respond to support requests received through the official channels listed above. 

4. Hours

Spiisee Support offers 24×5 coverage. Hours are 9am – 5pm Eastern Time, Monday – Friday, excluding Holidays. Support inquiries may be submitted at any time. 24×7 support is available via our Premium Support package.

The Everest Suite Platform itself is monitored 24×7. See Section 6, Proactive Monitoring for more details.

6. Proactive Monitoring

The Spiisee team and 3rd Party integration partners and/or underlying platform partners monitor 24×7 by comprehensive automated systems. In the event of any issue affecting the health and operation of Everest Suite’s infrastructure, core systems, or tools, our dedicated support team is notified and will respond immediately to diagnose and correct any issues. This 24×7 monitoring covers the entire Everest Suite platform, benefitting all Everest Suite users – free as well as paying.

In the event of a platform issue, a notice will be emailed to Authorized Support Contacts to promptly communicate the impact and status of any such issue. If there’s an ongoing platform issue, you do not need to submit a support ticket. Instead, update notifications will be emailed to Authorized Support Contacts which will always be kept up-to-date with the latest progress and information.

7. Premium Support

Please contact us to find out about our Premium Support options.

Supported Platforms

You can have confidence that the Everest platform is well tested and we will work to correct issues. Spiisee will not provide assistance with a configuration in unsupported environments. See the below for detailed information on what platforms are supported with Spiisee products:

Mean Time to Restore (MTTR):

MTTR for the Everest Suite platform is measured from the time of determination that the reported problem pertains to the Everest Service provided and is estimated to be the next business day based on a ticket being assigned. The hours of operation are 9am to 5pm Monday thru Friday. This requires that the original support ticket be closed and a Trouble replacement ticket is opened by Spiisee Technical Support.


Credits are calculated against platform outages commencing on the date and time of the opening of a Trouble Ticket and ending at the close of the same Trouble Ticket by Spiisee’s Technical Support. The customer must contact Technical Support to report outages or performance issues and must work with Technical Support to resolve such issues in a timely manner. Upon resolution of the problem and close of the Trouble ticket, the Customer must contact Spiisee Customer Support to request a SLA Credit and reference the assigned Trouble Ticket.

Upon resolution, the credits will be calculated against the number of business days that have passed since the next business day referenced in the Trouble Ticket.

Any credits determined to be due by Spiisee Customer Service will be credited towards the next month’s charges and may not be deducted from any current outstanding charges.

The amount of credit to be issued will be determined as follows:

1. Platform Availability

Should the platform availability fall below 90% for any given month, a credit equal to 1/30th of the monthly service rate will be issued for each 8-hour increment of the outage, to a maximum of 50% of the monthly billing rate in any given month.

2. Mean Time to Restore (MTTR)

A credit equal to 1/22nd of the monthly billing rate will be issued for each business day that passes without resolution to the Trouble Ticket up to a maximum of 50% of the monthly billing rate in any given month. In addition to this the maintenance contract will be extended for one full calendar month.

Exclusions and Limitations

Credits will not be issued for a) platform downtime that is not reported by the customer or requests for credit not made by the customer within 5 business days of the event; b) plaform outages or performance issues not documented through a Spiisee Trouble Tickets; c) Spiisee maintenance performed during the standard maintenance window Mon-Friday 10pm – 7am) or a prearranged customer specified window; d) Spiisee emergency maintenance; e) failure of customer equipment; f) carrier outages that affect an entire area or region; g) unauthorized acts, use of service, or omissions by the customer that affects Spiisee’s ability to provide service, by a customer or user of the service authorized by the customer; h) any interruption of service due to a violation of Spiisee’s standard terms and conditions or acceptable use policies; i; any reasons of Force Majeure such as natural disasters or Acts of God; j) any outage caused by events beyond Spiisee’s reasonable control.

Fixing Bugs

Spiisee Support will help with workarounds and bug reporting

Critical bugs will generally be fixed in the next within priority and within response times outlined above. 

Non-critical bugs will be scheduled according to a variety of considerations

* Critical priority is defined as: “production application down or major malfunction causing business revenue loss or high numbers of staff unable to perform their normal functions.” This includes security issues.

Eligibility and Software Maintenance

Software maintenance covers access to support and software product updates.

Support is open to system administrators and account holders. End-users will be redirected to a system administrator.

Beta and Development Releases

Spiisee does not offer support for milestone or beta releases, but we do support release candidates.


In the event that there are data integrity problems due to defects in a product, Spiisee will provide workarounds.

Deployment Planning Activity

Planning for rolling out our products or capacity planning for large instances is better suited for service offerings than Spiisee Support. We will refer to this kind of activity to our partner network. This includes establishing specific upgrades and deployment plans for existing installations.